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We are born and we die.  These are the absolute certainties of the human condition.  But in between we take a journey, a winding path of experience and knowledge.  The road is uneven and we are required to navigate the storms of our own unique stories.  How we chart our course through this personal landscape defines the very story of our lives.  This is the Aquaplanage.


The origins of Aquaplanage can be traced back to a road trip to Belgium many years ago.  The repetition of passing kilometres eased only by an intriguing sign that somehow seemed emblematic of the moment.  Although clearly intended as a warning, it curiously felt quite the opposite.  It sparked a humour and warmth that reflected the spirit of the time.  It was no longer an image of an inanimate object losing its grip in inclement weather, but a symbol of the capacity to glide through any challenge.  It was totemic and everything was possible.

Aquaplanage has been a labour of love.  Slowly emerging from conception to realisation, organically finding its true purpose and direction.  It is the coming together of disparate ideas that found a common identity.  Carefully nurtured towards its final shape and form, Aquaplanage is now ready to take its place in the musical firmament.  It is true to the original script of progressive rock and the influences are there to be heard.  However, it is much more than a nostalgic reflection of a golden age, and in truth Aquaplanage sets a different tone for the genre’s contemporary currency.  Welcome to the journey that is Aquaplanage!